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Is it safe to connect my accounting solution or bank account to Bridgement?
Is it safe to connect my accounting solution or bank account to Bridgement?

An explanation of why you can trust Bridgement with connecting your accounting solution or bank account.

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Data Access

The level of access and information accessed by Bridgement is similar to that accessed by other popular apps and plugins for your accounting solution – for example: ReceiptBank and SimplePay. Furthermore, Bridgement has worked closely with your accounting software provider to ensure it complies with all of the policies and rules for connected apps and plugins. Some accounting software providers have even specifically assessed the Bridgement app, approving which data it can and can't access and the duration for which it has access.

Digital Security

Bridgement takes the sensitivity and safety of its customers’ financial (as well as non-financial) data very seriously. It also takes digital security very seriously and has implemented several best-practice measures including encrypted communications, encryption at rest, and a firewall protecting the web application. There are also several monitoring tools in place to detect hacking attempts, new system vulnerabilities, and suspicious and fraudulent user activity.

Data Privacy

In terms of POPI compliance, Bridgement works extensively with their lawyers to ensure all the boxes are ticked. Given the broader group that Bridgement is part of, Capricorn and its parent, Yellowwoods (with significant experience in the Financial Services sector), digital security and data privacy is of the utmost concern.

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