Bridgement by default, does not make changes on your Xero account

By default, Bridgement only ever reads information from the Xero account you connect during the application process, and will not create or make any changes on your Xero account. Rest-assured, your Xero account and data is safe.

Enabling "2-way sync" for simple reconciliation

As a client approved for finance, you have the option of going to the Settings page on your dashboard and switching on "2-way sync". Only if you choose to enable this setting, will Bridgement then post the relevant spend and receive money transactions to your Xero account. These will be posted whenever you withdraw funds from your facility.

The benefit of enabling this feature is that you won't have to think about how to record your Bridgement finance in your books. Simply let Bridgement do the heavy lifting. All you need to do is then reconcile the accounting records with the bank transactions for the deposit of the funds into your account, and payment of each instalment back to Bridgement.

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