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How do I connect my bank feed?
How do I connect my bank feed?

A simple tutorial to connect your bank account / bank feed to Bridgement via Yodlee

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To connect your bank feed, simply follow the steps below:

1. Log into your Bridgement dashboard

2. Click on the "Connect & Upload" tab on the left of your Bridgement dashboard

3. Click "Connect Internet Banking"

5. Scroll down, accept the T&Cs and click "Get Started"

6. Select your business bank from the list provided

7. Enter your business's internet banking login details, and then click "Submit"

*please see special instructions for Absa clients near the end of this tutorial

8. Wait for it to finish loading and if successful, your bank accounts will be listed

It can take up to 2-minutes to establish the connection with your bank account. It is important that you don't refresh your page while this is loading. Once successful, you will see a list of accounts detected on your banking profile and you can close the window by clicking the 'x' in the top right of the pop-up window.

Note: If you have more than one cheque/current account and they're at different banks, then you must click 'LINK ANOTHER SITE' and repeat steps 6-8 for that bank. Remember that the more information you provide to Bridgement, the higher the likelihood of you receiving a larger facility and/or better rates.

You're done! Get in touch with Bridgement support if you have any questions.


*Special instructions for
Absa clients on Step 7:

  • You need to enter all 4 input fields correctly to successfully connect your bank account.

  • Your "User number" is usually "1" for most people

  • Your "Pin" is usually a short, 4-6 numeric pin

  • Your "Absolute password" is your long, alphanumeric password that you usually enter on the second step of logging into your Absa account – see the screenshot below for reference. This is also referred to as your SurePhrase™. You must enter this password in order to make a successful connection. It is not an optional input  and if it is not entered here, the bank feed connection will fail.


Please note

We care about your privacy and security. No one can move money in or out except for you. In fact, you are the only one with access to your accounts. Your information is guarded with multilayered hardware and software encryption for 24/7 protection.

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